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I was hoping that SOPA was truly dead, but it's not. We do need to address piracy but not at the sake of controlling the internet - CENSORSHIP! One of the largest advocates for SOPA is the MPAAA, the organization responsible for censoring movies in the 1930s aka the Hays Code. (yeah, that was a great idea.... not)

I think it's important to remember that a big part of the equation is copyright and it FAILS for digital objects. We all know people who have violated copyright, sometimes intentionally, sometimes not -- those who bought a digital object and then shared it with someone else; or maybe they bought an object in another format and made multiple digital copies (because they have multiple devices) or maybe they made a mashup or collage work of art without any thought of copyright.Or perhaps, they converted file formats to use on their device and thus stripped out the DRM.

Copyright does not work for digital objects.

We are the internet.
How you make your voice know:
Google Take Action
EFF's Strike Against Censorship

oh, and happy birthday to me!