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Friday, August 22, 2008

shutterfly one-ups flickr in social networking

Whoa, so have you checked out shutterfly lately? I haven't done anything with my account there in FOREVER, because well, shutterfly didn't seem to do much. It certainly wasn't as great as flickr.

However, shutterfly has jumped into the social networking venue with both feet -- take a look at my "profile" shutterfly page vs my flickr page.

Okay, Okay, I know, the shutterfly page is more than just a profile -- it is an actual webpage with my blogs embedded via rss, images of my choosing, and even some basic design features (layout, color scheme, etc.); I can even blog via shutterfly, pull in my images from my shutterfly photo collection, plus control who can contribute (only me or a group).

Not sure about how tagging works in shutterfly and although it seems to support groups and collaborative galleries, I haven't tried to do that in shutterfly.

...but still.... it does makes my profile and site at flickr look pretty dinky, doesn't it?

..and apparently, you can batch export out flickr using flump.


more here about the changes here
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