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Monday, September 22, 2008

Something I do when I'm not working... well, not working on a computer.

Yes, I occasionally do non-computer work. ;-D

... a detail from pandora's box, a multiple media piece (finally finished!) for the hauntings exhibit.

For the reception I've decided to fill the big box with fortune cookies. I was going to do printed quotations, but who doesn't love fortune cookies?

btw media: cardboard box with embedded wooden box, handmade paper, dried flowers, round glass chips, printed paper, tissue paper, 1 antique key, many layers of oil stick (for the coloring and illustrations), text snippets, book snippets,
computer manual snippets (ever wonder what do with all of those old software manuals? send 'em to me...), skull and crossbones sticker (not shown), printed ivy paper, silver leaves (not shown)... oh, and faux barb wire. I think that is it.

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