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Monday, November 17, 2008

Dynamic Content Group's working list

The Dynamic Content Group (DYG) of which I am Chair, is mostly just a brainstorming group. We grew out of WAG (the Web Advisory Group) and our charge is to examine how we use Web2.0 technologies and see how we could use them more effectively. To that end, we are currently focusing mostly on "traditional" web2.0 technologies, and we haven't talked too much about some areas of the website: the catalog, specific website portals (Hargrett, DLG, etc.), our database projects (GALILEO@UGA, ETDs, etc.)

There is only so much time for this kind of thing, ya know. :-)

Anyhow here is our latest working/discussion list (which doesn't necessarily mean that we will do any of these):

  • news & events (aka the blog) content expansion?
    • reviews (film, book) think staff favorites, we recommend, etc.
    • library lingo -- terms used in the library world both within the libraries/librarianship (stacks, discharged, etc.) and general terminology that is used by libraries (rss, podcasts, etc.)
  • tagging (aka, we find these sites interesting) -- featured on the blog home page
    • Continue to expand the tagging program
      • How to participate session, recruitment
      • Building interest/ cross pollination
  • podcasts
    • How can DYG help?
    • PR?
  • flickr
  • youtube
  • Creating a library channel, one stop shopping for:
    • the blog
    • podcasts
    • all of our youtube content (ugalibs youtube group)
    • our ugalibs flickr group
    • facebook
    • meebo?
    • new books list via rss (sigh, one day....)
  • Looking towards the future:
    • How will we fit all of these pieces on to the website? newletters? other pr opportunities?
    • How to better highlight/publicize our unique resources via web 2.0 technologies?
    • Get ALL staff involved (if interested)?, podcasts, ?
    • Voyager search box in facebook -- it's doable but worth consideration?
    • New books list via rss (definitely future thinking, post Voyager 7)

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