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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Elections, social networking & the technology revolution

This election saw both political parties building strong web presences and utilizing social networking sites (and some mobile, too!) Candidates and their supporters actively participating in facebook, twitter, myspace and other social networking sites: advertising, building networks, and well... campaigning!

Although I'm not particularly fond of the term web2.0 (what happens when we get to web20.0?), there is no doubt that the information/technological revolution has been a major shift in the U.S. -- even in the way that we elect a president.

Major media organizations expect record-breaking traffic on their websites as they follow results in the race between Republican John McCain and his Democratic opponent Barack Obama.

Cable network Current TV is taking its coverage a step further, relying entirely on Web users to provide its news content.

-- from Media groups turn on Web for election

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