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Monday, December 8, 2008

new writings, art, & podcasts

I hate being sick ... but here ya go, it's the latest issue of moonshine.

The latest issue of moonshine, a magazine of the southern arts is available online (& free) in its entirety at
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v.2 no. 3

All shopped out? Too harried, too tired to think? Too stressed? Take a moment to enjoy a few free gifts of the season -- new writings, new art, artist interviews, podcasts, writings from the studio, inspiration, new art, photography, new reads, & more -- all from the wonderful crew at moonshine!

Step back, feed your mind and soul, and raise a toast to a new year.

Nikki Estes discusses Finding and Securing Public Art Commissions (podcast), while Rachel Andres explores the Max Tharpe Exhibit Opening at Iredell Museum; Despina Panagakos Yeargin's
Recipe for the Holidays: Jake's Eggnog by the Fire is a treat (complete with recipe!), while Hannah Leatherbury shares colleague Allen Bell's interviews with filmmaker, Scott Chamberlin-Hoy.

Are you feeling Merry ? Jasmine Rizer offers us a new story for the season; while McCabe Coolidge continues forward in his honest yet inspirational series, Seven Questions. Thoughtful poetry from Brenda L Basham (Breathless; Footsteps; Unknown Forces), Russell Lee Hale I (two new poems: December's Issue; Southern Comfort ), Hunter Dasten (The Dance; That Little Girl With Her Hands To The Sky ; When The Storm Comes Around), John S Moon (Beautiful Lady) , Sandy Vanderbleek (worlds) and Free-Form Friday: The Large Internal Stage and A Song of AEthelstan both by Gilbert Head.

Studio views features Sandra Babb's essay on the Little Green Schoolhouse; Jill Kettles explores the Full Circle of Life – R. Sidney Henderson's Color Pencil Work; Hannah Leatherbury's audio interview (a podcast) with Phyllis Lear, mixed media artist and instructor explores the world of this multiple talented artist including how she was able to preserve some of her work prior to the arrival of Hurricane Gustav.

Donna Rosser finds the Gifts for the Photographer on Your List while robin fay explores the social networking phenom, twitter in Tweets, Twitter, and Twitpix -- U understand?

Hannah Leatherbury shares colleague Allen Bell's interviews with filmmakers, Aprill Winney, filmmaker (podcast) and Ben Russell: photographer, curator, filmmaker (podcast); while Dorothy Birch provides some creative tips for Warming Up the Muse in Winter!

Book reviews for December are Kokopelli: The Magic, Mirth, and Mischief of an Ancient Symbol by Dennis Slifer by Heather Kline, an in-depth exploration of the symbol of the flute-player in rock art in the prehistoric southwestern United States and the symbolic importance of flute as one of the most prevalent images in rock art around the world; Wacky Packages by The Topps Company by Andrew Shuping, a peek into the world of advertising, product development, and an usual product, Wacky Packages, spoof cards/stickers of real products.

Happy Holidays from Short Girl (Short Girl comix), book reviews, work from the Southerncreativity gallery (@ Flickr), art announcements & calls for entries.

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