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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Notes on COMO 2011 (GLA)

I'm finally getting around to sharing my final thoughts and notes on COMO 2011.

The good:
  •  all of the sessions I attended or heard part of  - great> excellent academic papers, Green Library presentation,  PBCore presentation, RDA, WREK (when do I get to be on the radio?) 
  • seeing my fellow librarians and compadres from around the state 
  • the vendors had candy and cute fuzzy toy sheep
  • the paper presentation went really well (thanks Ginny)
  • the presentation on automating social media (sigh, not so well thanks to everything listed below)

The bad -- egads, the scheduling (cataloging/metadata sessions scheduled against each other), the spotty wifi (!!!!!) and the lack of technical support (no projectors provided, only small portable screens, etc.)

Notes on the academic papers:
  • Movable, comfortable,configurable furniture is important (Emory paper on info commons)
  • Gov Docs Librarians wear many hats, often it is a "secondary" duty  (Gov Doc Librarian salary)
  • Automation reduces menial work which then means remaining work is more complex = more training and higher levels of abilities and competencies (Ginny Feher & me on automation in libraries: a DBM case study; submitted to GLQ for publication)
  • I didn't take notes on the other papers but that doesn't mean they weren't good. ;-)
Notes on Lost in the Stacks presentation
Notes on PbCore Metadata
Notes on RDA panel

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