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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

RDA Notes from GLA/COMO

Video to be available at RDA Cafe on Facebook
Presenters for Emory Theology Library (Emory was a RDA test participant), University of Georgia, GPLS (Georgia Public Library System) and UGA’s Law Library.

  • Advantages of RDA - benefits to electronic reproductions in that there is no reproduction note, no GMD; benefits for theses & dissertations; granularity for increased searching
  • Disadvantages - ambiguoity about publication date
  • Carrier must change - impact on systems
Discussion of systems and ILS:
  • We should drive the discussion with vendors or they will design for us and it will not be to our best interests
  •  We have to wait for vendors to develop systems that will meet requirements of RDA

Emory’s experience

What they found in testing:
  • o Advantages (see above)
  • o 25 test records+ others including MODS
  • o used the webpage to compare AACR2 versions and RDA versions for at least 10 records from common set (given to all testing institutions)
  • o “not all that much difference”
  • o “will affect us more than the user”
  • o Love mapping to MARC
  • o Toolkit needs more examples esp. outside of print
  • o Workflows a very useful tool
Where they are now:
  • Decision to postpone adoption until LC statement
  • No longer producing RDA records
  • existing RDA records in OCLC used without conversion
  • Discussion of GPLS Cataloging Summit
  • Resource bibliography distributed
  • Working on a GPLS Policy Statement, similar to LC
  • Discussion on training - preconference training @ COMO 12?
UGA Law Library
Where they are:
  • Change RDA records to AACR2 to use as training examples
  • Will adopt RDA when LC does
  • Discussion of training - Free RDA training at AALL
Where they are:
  • Information gathering phase
  • Original catalogers are reviewing records for materials with copy
  • Records often a mix of RDA and AACR2
    Headings sometimes RDA though the record is AACR2

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