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Sunday, August 26, 2012

How to fix Instagram not posting to Facebook Timeline

Instagramers: Your photos may not be posting to timeline OR your news feed but will just go into an instagram folder at Facebook. IG is aware of the problem but seems more focused on the News Feed portion. My IG pix stopped posting 2 days ago and do not post to either the news feed or the timeline.

Here's the dets from IG:

I discovered that you can manually force instagram to post to your Facebook Timeline.

Click Activity Log:

Scroll to find your Instagram photos which did not post to your timeline.
Next to the icon as to who sees them is a circle, click on the circle. Change Allowed on Timeline to Shown on Timeline.You will need to do this for each item that is missing from your timeline.

Another way to see just your instagram photos:
You will still need to choose shown on timeline.


Cookies and Scream said...

Thank you!!!!

Unknown said...

i just did a little test. My instagram was not posting to anything facebook related. So I thought about it, realized i had been logged into instagram on the web too. So I logged out, did a test pic and it worked!!

Unknown said...

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Unknown said...

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Unknown said...

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David Savage said...

It don't matter what I try, nothing I post on Instagram is auto posting to my facebook timeline. I need some real help with this. The link is made to facebook, so then when it comes to uploading an images, I tick the link for my facebook and upload. Then I still get nothing on my facebook timeline or on my fb profile that I have uploaded anything to Instagram. What the hell is going on?

Robin said...

@david savage - you may need to be logged in to instagram via the web but also you need to make sure the instagram app has been installed at facebook. Did you set the facebook app and give it permission to post?
You may also have some global permissions in your settings which are overriding the app.

Unknown said...

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