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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Linked data, Libraries - How, Why & MARC

Two excellent presentations together, one focused on MARC/linked data; the second focuses on user experience but in terms of how linked data and the FRBR (Functional Requirements of Bibliographic Records) model could possibly impact that experience.

The first (Philip E. Schreur, Stanford) focuses on bibliographic data and MARC.  Really great overview and explanation of linked data and its potential impact on libraries with a focus on MARC records and library data, name authority records/control, bibliographic data, and how linking data works. Also discusses challenges of traditional data control (siloed data, etc.) and how linked data can address those challenges. Great example using a music bib record (~13 minutes). 

The second presentation (Jennifer Bowen, Univ. of Rochester, at about 16 minutes in) starts out with a study of users but then moves to whether linked data can meet their needs (and how). Examples of tools include Drupal (the newest version of which does have semantic web functionalities built in). FRBR (Functional Requirements of Bibliographic Records) data model/linked data discussion starts about 37 minutes.

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