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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Catalogers don't blog (well some do - at least 10 years!)

I've been blogging since mmm... 2000, maybe 2001? I didn't do a very good job of announcing myself. I just jumped into the stream... The first entry for content divergent is 2003, but before that I was photoblogging (story and some screenshots here) that evolved into a more personal site which was featured on (predominantly in the migraines section). In 2007, I shifted gears to focus more on technology and I started moving my art blogging to social media sites.

 True, cataloging is only a fraction of the topics I cover primarily because I have a very strong web-based world view in terms of cataloging (metadata creation). I love libraries, but for me, I love technology more. I love what it can do for us. I love how we can use it to make our lives easier, better, more interesting. Libraries just happen to be the house of my technology interests at the moment and with RDA, FRBR and the BIBFRAME, maybe we can finally take our rightful place at the Semantic Web table... but I digress... (metadata makes it happen, btw).  So, my blog evolves... and will continue to do so.

 So, why do I do it? For technology, it is a way for me to bookmark, curate and also to comment on topics. For art, a way for me to share but also document my body of work. I guess that is what it is for all of my web presence - to share my experience and document my body of work. I don't think professionals need to blog daily (I don't) nor do they need to blog, but we do have an obligation to share through some avenue. Listservs and other forums, published articles, and/or social media may work better for some individuals.

 in response to Why Catalogers Seldom Blog

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