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Saturday, February 9, 2013

Separating spotify from Facebook and moving playlists from one account to another

Now that spotify no longer REQUIRES a facebook login, how do you go about separating them?  I really needed to do this for a lot of different reasons. One, I use georgiawebgurl for all of my social media except for Facebook. I don't mind connecting twitter, pinterest, etc. together but I don't want them all connected to my personal Facebook space.

One caveat: this only applies to the FREE version of spotify. If you have downloaded or used spotify offline, you will need most likely need to explore other options. This post covers how to create a new nonFacebook account, how to copy playlists into that new account, and how to disconnect Facebook from Spotify. Once you do this, you will need to always login to spotify using your nonFacebook email address. Spotify will always try to login you in via Facebook first (if you are logged into Facebook), so you just have to take care that you use the right account.  

 First, you will probably want to copy your playlists from spotify so that you can import them back in - but it's not quite that easy. There are a few different ways to do this (you can tweet them for example) but there is no quick export feature. One way is to publish them (this makes your playlist PUBLIC)

In spotify, right click on the playlist and choose >Publish
Do this for all playlists you will want to copy into your new account.

Before you close out your account, choose a public playlists, right click>Copy URL. Paste it into your web browser (it will be something like

You just want to get that user number ^ to make it easier to add your old account music to your new account.

> NOTE: Once you get these into your new account as new playlists, you can go back into your old account and unpublish them, by unchecking publish.

LOGOUT OF YOUR OLD ACCOUNT  (we'll get rid of it later)
Once you have published the playlists you want on your new (nonFacebook!) account, logout of Facebook.
File> Logout
(Or Ctrl+Shift+W)

Now, you will create a new account with whatever username you want to use (you will need a different email than the one associated with your facebook account). 

Note> facebook will try to sign you up using your facebook account. Don't do it! Use the link "Create an account using your email" 

Fill in the form using your preferred info.

Choose whichever plan you want. I'm cheap. I use free.


  • Login to spotify using your NEW spotify user name and password.
  • Remember that URL? Paste the URL of one of your (old account) playlists into the search box at the top. (You should see the playlist pop up) with a message "Make it easier to access... " Click Add.

  • Now you can easily get to those playlists from your old account and import add them into your new account. Scroll down to: Published Playlists. You can also create a radio station should you want to do that.   
  • Highlight the playlist title and drag it over to + New Playlist (left click and drag over). It will create the playlist using your old account playlist title with all of your music. (it will automatically be published, so if you do not want it public, uncheck>Publish).
    • Note: You can also do these one by one either by holding down the shift key in windows and highlight everything (or clicking to highlight some) and then dragging over to + New Playlist. You can then rename it by right click>Rename or you can + New Playlist >Name it and then drag over the music selections. 
  • To get back to the list, click on the name of the old account. If you get lost, the little back arrow at the top will eventually get you back to where you need to be. Repeat this process until you have all of your playlists loaded into your new account.
If you are a bit paranoid or concerned that your old account might not get cleaned up/deleted properly (or you don't actually want to delete your facebook/spotify account), you can log out of your new account and then login back into your facebook spotify account so that you can do some housekeeping. You can unpublish your playlists (Right click>uncheck Publish) or even delete playlists.   
If you do not want to actually delete your old spotify account, you can skip this step. Just be very careful when logging in that you do not login under your Facebook email/name. 
If you do want to cut the ties between Facebook and Spotify which should then also delete your Spotify account. 
  • Login to Facebook if you are not already.  
  • Open the Spotify app in Facebook and remove it.  

Yes, you probably do want to remove all activity from spotify. 
Note: While you can add apps through the App manager you can NOT (at this time) remove an App that way. 

...and that is how you disconnect Facebook from spotify and move your playlists to a new account. 

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