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Monday, September 2, 2013

Terracotta army, special properties of chinese blue, and more (ancient & new technology)

If you've never seen the terracotta army of 8000 soldiers in person, they are truly amazing. Each face is unique and handformed. How they made these was an advancement in art and technology for the time, but on top of that, they were painted in a now extinct form of paint called Chinese Blue (Han Blue). In researching Chinese Blue, superconductive properties were discovered.

“Magnetically it’s behaving similarly to just the surface of water; so it’s not forming a gigantic wave in three dimensions, but it’s forming a gigantic wave in just two dimensions,” says Sebastian, adding that this behaviour had never been seen before. (The mysterious colour purple, Cosmos Magazine)
Really interesting stuff in terms of how ancient technologies may hold keys to new technologies.

Here is the PBS Video:

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