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Friday, October 10, 2008

GLA / COMO 2008

So, who's going to GLA/COMO '08? For the first time in FOREVER it seems, I am not presenting. How'd that happen? ;-)

Instead, I'm on the ballot (unopposed) to Chair the Professional And Continuing Education Interest Group (PACE, that is)

The problem I always have with conferences is whether to go support my friends/colleagues/coworkers or whether I should only go to those that interest me, or well, those that sound like fun. I try to hit the middle ground! ;-)

I'm going to the 'Taking on Technology Preconference' (sounds like fun!) on Weds. and then I hit the choices:

Thurs Oct. 16

8 a.m.
Do I go see Tessa and my tech services colleagues at Ask Technical Services (I'm a member of the IG) or Toby Graham's Georgia History and Culture: The Civil Rights Digital Library (for which I do metadata)? Buffy Hamilton's Harnessing Web2.0 Tools to Enhance your Professional Knowledge sounds cool, too. I'm leaning towards the CRDL one, though!

10 a.m. The New Georgia Encyclopedia: Accessibility, Authority, and Why Metadata Matters, Kristy Dixon I wrote a few articles for NGE, so I think I'll go to this, especially since Metadata is one of my favorite topics.

11 a.m. My life in Pictures (or should I say picture books) Grady Thrasher III, Children's author discusses how he turned his "dream to reality." I'm going to this one for you know, when I have nothing else on my todo list, and I start writing that children's novel finally.

1:40 Cataloging Sound Recordings with Adam Kubrik (MARC! Cataloging!) or fellow moonshine writer, Andrew Shuping's Free! Alternatives to Expensive Technology (I like Free!) or more on the NGE and the DLG: History and Culture: New Georgia Encyclopedia and Digital Library of Georgia. or the Image as Message: Visual Literacy for Deep Learning (Dave Chaterjee, Emy Decker, and Monica Pereira). which sounds cool or Intro to FRBR (Debra Skinner) because well, it's FRBR. ;-)

2:40 I'll either sit in a colleagues presentation, or perhaps, I will call it a day and check out the exhibits!

Thursday evening I'm heading to the Professional & Continuing Ed's dinner and election at East West.

Friday, Oct. 17
8am Decisions, decisions! Advances in Scholarly Communication and Institutional Repositories in Georgia (Rebecca Drummond, Sara Fuchs) or Revolutionary Cataloging: the 2.0 Difference for School Libraries Mary Ann Fitzgerald (is this all about librarything? VuFind? What? I want to know...) I'm leaning towards the IR one, though

10AM I'll either sit in a colleagues presentation, or perhaps, meet up with some folks for a chat.
11AM Sharing, Privacy and Trust in Our Networked World (Cal Shepard)
Whew. Feel free to drop me a line if you'd like to grab a cup of coffee somewhere along the way.
oh, and I have a couple of pieces of artwork for the Hubbard Scholarship -- more on that later.
These are largish mixed media on canvas works which would work really well in an office or library.

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