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Monday, July 30, 2012

Semantic Web Technologies & Social Search (Introduction to Metadata)

This first chapter outlines the book but also includes a nice overview of metadata and how it fits into the web at large (and really all of the records we create). If you are new to metadata or interested in learning how metadata works on the web (& perhaps, try a few projects), you are definitely the audience we were targeting.

While the context of the book is library related, the projects can easily be done by individuals, institutions, or businesses. Michael & I cover projects like enriching metadata in Flickr, building a web/contacts directory using microformats, and how to contribute to the very cool civil war history semantic web project (thanks to Jon Voss) - among many other projects. Along the way, we discuss metadata (did you know your camera creates metadata?) and show you how to use metadata for better searching across the web - the whole web - social media to the wild web. Semantic Web and Social Searching

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