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Monday, August 6, 2012

Search terms (a case study: article on automation and staffing)

I always find it interesting to see what search terms people use to find what they are looking for (or not looking for). On that note, I thought I would share a quick behind the scenes of keyword searching for my article, The Effect of Automation on Academic Library Staffing: A Discussion . There is no abstract or keywords attached to this title, so the results are truly from within the fulltext searching. These stats are generated through the Bpress statistics tool.

The paper was  originally presented at COMO in Sept 2012; published as part of GL Quarterly in the Spring issue (April 2012). There have been 79 downloads of the article. Many of downloads were generated from direct links, such as via social media tools,   via the journal issue table of contents, emails, or other direct links.  

I've loosely grouped the searches together in terms of overall theme.
  • Search queries include:
    • on staffing:
      • library staffing unit
      • responsibility of cataloging unit in academic library
      • the duties of automated staff in academic library (hmm... we are robots?)
    • change (impact) in nature of work:
      • the effect of automation on production  
      • academic libraries maintaining shelf list cards why 
      • library cataloging department academic making changes
      • outsourcing cataloging in libraries 2012
    • on academic libraries (general):
      • recommendation given in an automated academic libraries
      • academic library white paper or position paper
    • URLS: 
      • My library's URL (that's interesting - I guess they wanted to see what had been published from library staff and faculty from my library) 
      • the paper URL  (did not download the paper)

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