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Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Project update

Whew! Well the Peabody reviewing is done. :) Yeah, it was alot of fun, but a lot of work...

...and in other news...
+ I know I still have photo print outstanding which I will try to get to this weekend. REALLY.
+ The SPOA Art Auction at the GLOBE is Feb. 27 @ 2.
+ My solo photography exhibit is on for May. more later.
+ I created some icons for (they are the coffee cup ones....)
+ I am finally starting my metadata moonlighting project.
+ a class project... RED? Color theory? Who knows... Well, here are a few new photos in the red theme...
+Watch for a few web updates in the near future.
+ Yes, my stuff is for sale. :) I am going to figure out a better way to promote that part. It will only be linked through the gallery and elsewhere on my website (not here because of licensing issues with my journal software...)

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