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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

deleting unused labels in blogger

For those of you who use blogger and use labels/tags, just a heads up, if you delete posts that you have labelled or try to remove labels, it may not work properly. You've removed the label from all posts, yet there it is in the label list, with a post count. Clicking on the post count, shows no posts associated with it. What to do?

I kept thinking about this, until I came up with a few workarounds. After much searching around at blogger groups, basically, the answers were create a list manually (the obvious!) or just create a "fake" post so that the missing label would match something (and no worry about the post count). I didn't like that idea AT ALL; however, I did find that you could create a blank post and then delete links that did work:

If you end up with a label which has no posts associated with it, try this:

Create a post (no title, no content) with the label
Edit post/Save it as draft

Under the batch edit, delete the post.

If your unused label has a post count of 3, you will need to do this 3 times. I know, a pain, but it does work. ;-)

Somehow it seems like this might be causing something to resync? Not sure, but worth a try...

If you are looking for a way to show selected blogger labels, check out this post.
Looking for a way to limit blogger labels in a tag cloud? Read this.
and of course, the peramalink for this post is here:


swizardb said...

Thanks a Ton!!!
It has worked with me!!!

rajesh said...

thanks a lot.
it is working
rajesh n