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Saturday, September 8, 2007

knowledge worker 2.0 - what is it?

Hmm, well it does sound like fun. Oh, wait, I already do some of these things... ;-)

Brief synopsis (for those who don't like to click that much):

Old way => information/knowledge held in a "fiefdom" by a small group of players ; knowledge workers are limited in power and by territory, knowledge as a process, rigid ways of organizing

Brief discussion of the long tail (see: Wikipedia for a complete overview of the long tail term)

New way => Web 2.0 and beyond in information centers
Knowledge workers are
  • Everywhere -- boundaries of authority and territory are blurred
  • Understand the institutional culture
  • Share information freely (the slideshow adds distributes, but isn't that part of sharing?)
  • Use peoplecentric/usercentric, SOCIAL systems
  • Use tagging and social networking tools (eh... I consider those to be one current functionality of information systems focused on people...)

Note to self: Never put a slideshow on slideshare that doesn't autoplay.... or better yet, make a youtube movie!

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