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Monday, September 10, 2007

oh.. ouch... ajax slammed

The Web and AJAX have many deficiencies, including security holes, and much more needs to be done to iron out these problems, according to a keynote speaker at The Rich Web Experience conference in San Jose, Calif., on Thursday evening
After taking the audience through a history of computing interfaces beginning with Hollerith cards to time-sharing and finally to the Web, Douglas Crockford, an architect at Yahoo and creator of JSON (JavaScript Object Notation), gave a mostly gloomy presentation on AJAX (Asynchronous JavaScript and XML) and the Web. His presentation was entitled, "The State of AJAX."
"The sad thing was the Web was a step backward in terms of interactivity [when it debuted]," Crockford said.
more here
really, the web was not as interactive, as say, real life? Oh, that is funny! In spite of that silly statement, an interesting article with an overview of most of the major programming languages used in web development (as well as their flaws!). Perhaps, a little jealousy that yahoo wasn't more on top of the web 2.0 trend? I finally gave up on the automigration of my photos from yahoo to flickr, and just did it myself...


brentashley said...

It's hardly a silly statement to observe that a move from the existing session-based client-server application model of the mid-nineties to the disjointed stateless web 1.0 model reduced the interactivity of applications.

We are only now with Ajax style browser based apps returning to the level of UI richness that we already had in 1995 with installed client-side applications. The web is better than client-server in many ways, but can't compete with desktop applications for highly-interactive UI.

I also doubt anything that Doug says is motivated by an allegiance to Yahoo around events that precede his involvement with Yahoo by a decade.

robin said...

Well, I can see how what I wrote is open to interpretation and perhaps "silly" was a little bit of a harsh word...

anyhow, I'm sorry if it sounds like I slammed Doug - don't know him and didn't mean too. Certainly, if I didn't think it was interesting, I wouldn't post it. ;-)

HOWEVER, I do think (think, just my opinion and experience as a Yahoo user) that Yahoo (as a company, not in terms of any individuals) has lagged behind in terms of new technologies.

Are they continuing to go forward? Certainly. Yahoo's Alpha is a very cool little search engine. I enjoy the yahoo blog, too, lots of neat stuff on the horizon.

Perhaps my perception is wrong, but as a yahoo user for a loooong time, it seemed that more and more of things I was doing were outside of what Yahoo offered. True, Yahoo, offered IM before most of the other big players. It offered My Yahoo before a lot of other services were available. However, some of the nonYahoo services were certainly better... Yahoo Photos vs. Flickr, is a good example.