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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

will portals win the social networking war?

Finally, some real contendors in aggregating social networking -- a centralized spot to collect all of YOUR web 2.0 stuff! Isn't it funny how there is all of this "stuff" and then the next step is to organize it and streamline it (sounds like cataloging, no)? Create the content and then organize it! ;-)

Pageflakes has a lot of functionality in terms of creating a centralized social networking presence , plus the ability to pull in even more content. Unfortunately, every "page" that you create has the same url (here is my page). It would be better if you could create unique pages with unique urls.

Other options include spokeo, profilactic, profilefly, and even google might be getting into the act if socialstream ever goes public....and there is about a million more in the works, it seems. Socialstream looks promising as does profilactic. I'm not sure about profilefly.

Anyhow, a brief post about portals vs. social networking working sites:

..and how to aggregate your social networking sites:

Pageflakes Update: There IS a unique URL for a pagecast. I'm not sure if this functionality was nonexistent when I set those up (lots of enhancements since then) or if I just never ever found it! When logged in, go to profile (click on your login name to get to the profile), and there will be a list of all pagecasts, rolling over the pagecast name displays the URL. The unique URL does not appear when logged in on the pages, though. In pageflakes when logged in, you see all of your page/pagecasts as tabs. These tabs do not display as unique URLs (which makes sense in some ways, but in others, makes it less apparent that there is a unique url for each page/tab!) Thanks for the anon tip! Much appreciated!


Anonymous said...

Hi Robin,

actually there is a way. Every pagecast that you create has a unique URL. Whhen you click on "make pagecast" in the main menu you will see URL of your pagecast in the following note that appears right after creating the pagecast. You can also go back to the "make pagecast" menu after having created a pagecast and then look up the unique URL in the menu.


robin said...

Thanks for the tip.
I have several pagecasts that I set up months ago, but I never saw that the URL was unique. When I click on the tabs for each page while logged, I see the same URL (just the base). I never thought to go to the main menu to find the URL! Not very intuitive, though, but much better than nonexistent! ;-)