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Monday, November 19, 2007

Image gallery: coppermine vs gallery vs 4images vs. ?

I've been using coppermine image gallery software ( for a hosted gallery for a while, but now I wonder if there is something better out there. My runner-up at the time was gallery, but now it seems like there are a lot more choices out there. Before I start spending significant time testing any of these alternatives to coppermine (and yes, I already use flickr; looking for something I can host), I thought I would query a few different lists and the web. So, here goes (and I promise I will post my findings....)

For those of you who use image gallery software, what would you recommend (or absolutely NOT recommend)?

My Wishlist:

+Prefer mysql+php with css templating
+Standalone gallery software not as part of a package (such as a drupal module, although the ability to incorporate in drupal might be an advantage)
+Categories, metadata, batch uploading, ability to link/crosspost single image in multiple categories
+Relatively easy to install (not interested in writing something from scratch, too busy), documentation online, etc.
+RSS feeds for images or categories would be lovely

Ideas? suggestions? any advice?


Jason Mock said...

I found this post via a Google search as I'm wondering the very same thing. Did you ever get any input and what did you ultimately decide? Thanks for sharing!

robin said...

I've received a lot of positive response about Gallery, although 4images still looks interesting. I have installed a test of Gallery, but I haven't done anything else with it yet. I hope to spend some time in March really testing Gallery and 4images. Drop me an email at and I'll send the URLs for my prototypes as well as my comparison list when I finish it.

I've used coppermine and while the software is good and feature rich, the user community is very divisive. I realize the programmers and developers put a lot of time into coppermine, but some of them can be mean, especially to new users. Of course, some of them are really helpful, too.

I'm kind of tired of trying to decide if my coppermine question is worth the potential slam if it's considered irrelevant (because it is about functionality that coppermine doesn't/won't support) or if I accidentally ask a question that someone else asked (or if it is perceived to be the same question, when it is not).

So, I would like to move away from Coppermine. La pagina de los ticos said...

i like 4images!