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Monday, January 14, 2008

wearable electronics, smart clothing, smart accessories

A while ago, I heard about a new version of my bookbag (an Ipack). I decided when I needed a new book/computer bag, I would definitely look to some of the new smart fabric products.

This fabric is not hypercolor. Remember hypercolor? The fabric was heat sensitive and when touched, changed colors. I had a pair of purple socks that finally turned completely orange. The thermochromatic dye used was really not too stable. Anyhow, that technology is old news. It's now available in toys and even in beer bottle wrappers.

Now, there is clothing and accessories with built in ipod functionality. How cool is that? I'm willing to test any of this stuff. ;-) Send me a nice ski/snowboard jacket and I'll definitely put it to use.

..and for those of you interested, the newer controls are even dry cleanable!

Read more here from the company's website

Lots of news about smart fabrics @ crunchwear

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