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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

My e-portfolio in drupal (beginnings)

Although I still have lots more work to do it, I managed to get drupal upgraded to 6.1. As I stated in one of my previous drupal posts, the difference between 4.7(? I think that was my latest version pre-upgrade) and 6.1 is amazing. It looks like on the "to do" list for the upcoming upgrades is a WYSIWYG theme editor. Whoa. Would that it ever make it easy to use Drupal! The only real problems that I had with Drupal was that my custom created theme using the Zen theme module (nod to CSS Zen Garden) didn't work. Oh, and I then had to re-do my modules.

Anyhow. ;-)

This is just a sketch at this point. I'm missing so much content, but at least I have some of my projects in the portfolio, as well as a brief CV.

I'd love some thoughts or feedback.

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