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Sunday, June 8, 2008

Google site search webinar

New! Google Site Search Designed for Webmasters

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Attend the webinar and get:

* Entry to win a free Google T-Shirt

Attend this webinar and hear:

* Overview of Google Site Search
* Setup and technical details
* Customer case studies
* Live Q&A session answering all your questions

"Google Site Search: Designed for Webmasters"

Google has recently launched Google Site Search, a hosted website search solution that brings the relevancy and ease of Google to your website. Google Site Search has been designed specifically with webmasters in mind, for many reasons:

* Google relevancy - Leverage the high relevany algorithms that power Google
* Customizable - You can customize the search results to your look and feel
* Setup in minutes - As a hosted product, setup just requires a dozen mouse clicks on a web-based form
* Administrative control - New biasing features increase your administrative control

Webmasters have always recognized the importance of website search, but have so far not been able to get highly relevant website search that is easy to setup and maintain, for a low price. Until now. Attend the webinar and learn about this exciting new product from Google.

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