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Thursday, June 19, 2008

Most useful Drupal modules

I thought I would crosspost some of what I consider my most useful Drupal handout information from my demo and presentation for the UGADG. Of course, this doesn't include the demo part at the moment! Maybe I will screencapture that part and add it in later. Another thing for the todo list! Anyhow, you can see the handouts here

..and now to the top ten (plus):

Import HTML: import html from existing website. Information available at

Access control & users:


Drupal Modules Finder

Thanks to:

Top 10 Drupal Modules;
Drupal4Libraries Listserv, Amy Qualls-McClure (Huntsville - Madison County Public Library); Cary Gordon Cary Gordon (The Cherry Hill Company,; Ken Newquist, (Lafayette College, and Leo Klein (The Chicago Librarian,

See resources for more links.


Anonymous said...


nice list of useful modules !!!
can i ask you what module you use to make that "robin@youtube" block ???

thanks ^^

Anonymous said...

i didn' noticed that your site isn't a drupal site...sorry

Unknown said...

the easiest way to use most of the widgets is just to create a new box, i.e., a block.

That particular widget, the youtube badge, I think I made at the youtube site.

I then went into my drupal installation, created a new block, and then dumped the code in. Simple!

This also works with, flickr, facebook badges, etc.

I wouldn't download a specific module for youtube, flickr, wordpress, etc. unless I wanted to add content via drupal to those sites. Other wise, I would just pull in content via the rss or the widget script.

this is a blogger site, but I pull content into my drupal via the feed.