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Friday, July 4, 2008

Flickr pro account -- is it worth it?

Just in case you didn't know, Flickr now allows video upload for "pro" accounts.
At this point, running time is limited to 90 seconds. Hopefully, if they want to be a full media site, they will up the time limit, because 90 seconds, well, that is not very long. To be honest, I'm losing my love of flickr quickly anyhow. "Pro" does not really mean pro - it just means that you pay to have more storage a few richer features (video, more collections, stats, etc.)

I'm thinking maybe I will keep my flickr account but downgrade it to the free account, and then switch over to smugmug or something else, where I can actually sell photos. I'd also love a place to host both my videos and photos, a flickr + youtube place. Yeah, I have my domain to do that, but I'd like to use a social networking site for that stuff, too.

flickr tos (what not to do):

and what comes with the flickr pro account:


Adrian Pritchett said...

Flickr apparently has a lot of still photo purists who don't like the video uploads. I love Flickr because of its networking and sharing capabilities. I only worry what would happen if the terms or prices changed drastically and I needed to backup my 4,000+ photos.

Unknown said...

I kind of have to agree with the flickr purists in some ways -- flickr was great as it was...

As it stands now, the video service isn't very good, considering it is part of the paid service. So why do it all, when youtube does it so much better for free?

I agree, the sharing capabilities is what flickr does best and certainly what I appreciate.

I'll probably always keep a flickr free service, but I'm not sure I see the added value of continuing on with the "pro" service.

I've actually considered this for the past couple of years. Somehow 19.99$ seemed like a pretty good deal, but I'm not sure 24.95$ is.
I know, it's only 5$ give or take, but I'm not seeing the added value.

...and yeah, I hope I never have to try to backup all of my images even though I don't have anywhere near 4000+. Wow, 4000!