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Friday, July 11, 2008

Google and Librarians -- the lovelorn relationship

Well, if you haven't heard all of the chatter and buzz, Google Librarian Central hadn't been updated in a year (before today, that is)...and Google wasn't at ALA leaving some librarians to call out google for punking librarians or even using librarians, while other librarians proclaimed, we weren't surprised!

While I fall more on the side of "google is a business, google is a corporation" , I do understand a little bit why some people feel, eh, jilted(?).

and really, You can make money without doing evil doesn't necessarily mean that they will do good. Because some good things are not profitable, ya know?

Golly, it's the equivalent of a bad soap opera romance -- so, where's the child spawned by the rival (microsoft? yahoo?)

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