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Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Professional networking & Web2.0 - Are you LinkedIn?

A little bit of promotion for a program on the UGA Campus. Enclosed below is the announcement with bio information.

Web2.0+ and Professional Networking: Are you LinkedIn? Panel Discussion
Date: August 12, 2008
Time: 2-3 p.m.
SLC Room 148

Web2.0+ and Social networking tools have changed many aspects of our daily lives from how we share information to how we learn and how we network professionally.

Learn more about how UGA faculty members are using Web2.0 technologies to expand their students' educational experiences, to share their own knowledge, and to tap into an ever expanding and connected professional network.

David Noah, Coordinator of Emerging Technologies, Center for Teaching & Learning
Dr. David Noah, Coordinator of Emerging Technologies at the Center for Teaching & Learning, pays attention to the impact of social media on pedagogy and professional development in higher education.

Janet Frick, Associate Professor, Life-Span Developmental Psychology Program
Janet Frick is an associate professor in the Psychology department, who teaches classes ranging from the 300-person intro psychology course to small graduate seminars in developmental psychology. She uses web 2.0 informally to get to know her students (and let them get to know her), as well as to share relevant course material in an interactive setting. She is considering further pedagogical options in the future and will discuss those brainstorms.

Audrey Haynes, Associate Professor, Political Science
Dr. Haynes' research focuses on the nexus of candidate communication strategy and the news media within the context of presidential nomination campaigns. She is also interested in the innovative strategies of political parties and candidates as they work to adapt to new electoral environments as well as differences across partisans and their implications for behavior. As to teaching, she is interested in using "new media" in the classroom with the aim of producing an "interactive" learning environment that encourages continued learning outside the classroom.

Kaye Sweetser, Assistant Professor of Public Relations
Sweetser found herself fumbling around the social Web her freshman year of college & has been active on all things Internet since, even incorporating social media assignments into the classes she teaches at Grady College today. She
researches social media, online political public relations, use of technology in public relations - but really she's just interested in the how and why people connect online.

Facilitator: Robin Fay, Dynamic Content Group, UGA Libraries


Richard Jennings said...

Two new job sites where just added to the top ten employment site list if you're out of work:

Good luck to those looking for work....its a jungle out there.

Unknown said...

For librarians/library workers, I would also add and of course, for Georgia Library jobs, Jobs i SE Libraries