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Friday, February 13, 2009

New art, new writings, podcasts & video -- it's moonshine

The latest issue of moonshine, a magazine of the southern arts is available online (& free) at

A game of words -- a game of chance? What is love? Inspiration? Creativity? A reflection of ourselves? Our best selves? Our worst selves? This month we explore the many dimensions of being human from complex family dynamics to first love to the love of beauty and art... inspiration and creativity. The tie that binds --- Writings, music, paintings, photography... perhaps, by the light of the moon. Take a moment to find some inspiration in the work of Southern writers & artists.

Jasmine Rizer's Little Miss Straight-Edge Goes on Vacation (pt. 1) -- or is it? You can be the judge of that one! Lisa R. Taylor reflects on her family and shares Lies from my Grandmother (essay). Savannah writer Hunter Dasten presents 3 poems: A Ballerina's Dance (For Krysten Marie) (poetry); The Perfect Word; and Tightrope Walkers. Lost at Sea (poem) by Brenda Basham explores the depth of humanity, as does John S Moon who tells us about My True Love (poem). Georgia writer Niles Reddick shares Lead me Home (a novel excerpt), which focuses on the day-to-day, work relationships, and more. Despina Panagakos Yeargin asks The Questions of love, while McCabe Coolidge continues his series, Seven Questions with this question: Who do you think your guardian angel is? Thoughtful poetry from Russell Lee Hale I (a pair:Kiss Me Goodnight; Words Without), Sandy Vanderbleek (bite lip) and an enchanting tale of a roadtrip, Christopher Kupcho's Watermelon & Beer.

Studio views features Sandra Babb's essay Powdered Pastels Demonstration (you'll never believe where she is painting now!!) and Jill Kettle interviews painter Durand Seay.

Brenda Basham Dothage is having some Psychological Ponderings: Self-Esteem while Dorothy Birch explores A Season of Love -- I bet you will be surprised and delighted by this article, too -- but then, I'm not going to give away the secret!

Donna Rosser aka the Barefoot Photographer shares her Digital photography basics while Robin Fay shares videos that she and her niece have made while exploring the latest underwater video cameras in Photography and Video to the Extreme.

Our music review is a podcast by Hannah Leatherbury with Terrance Simien, music & more (podcast). Terrance performs his zydeco music and also reflects on his music and advice for other artists. Book reviews for February/March are Big Box Reuse by Julia Christensen, (book review by Jasmine Rizer), which explores what happens to the land and buildings after a bigbox retail store moves out.All the King's Horses and All the King's Friends by Ken Upright (book review by Rachel Anders) focuses on southern stories by regional storyteller, Ken Upright. Why I Came West: A Memoir by Rick Bass (book review by Heather Kline) is a memoir of travelling to the West. Andrew Shupling reviews the graphic novel Good as Lily by Derek Kirk Kim.

Check in with a Short Girl comix, book reviews, work from the Southerncreativity gallery (@ Flickr), art announcements & calls for entries.

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