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Monday, May 4, 2009

Quick project update

Quick project update:

I'm finishing up the Faculty Learning Committee on Emerging Technologies and I've accepted to be a member of the FLC for 2010 on Visual Learning (The Shift to Visual). I am really excited about that and hope that my group can make a small movie about visual learning (hint).

In the past 3 months l've done presentations on:
  • Wordpress as a CMS
  • Blogging Basics (Choosing a Blog platform)
  • Metadata Beyond the Library Catalog (for Catalogers)
  • Metadata 101 (for general audience)
  • and Friday, presenting research-in-progress for the cataloging tools & training survey that a colleague and I are conducting.
I promise to get my slides up at some point in the near future; I really want to do audio with them. So, that is what I have been doing. I am waiting for some freelance $ and that will be used to fund either a new piece of computer equipment OR go on vacation. ;-) I have also applied to be an guide. Has anyone done that? I've considered it off and on for years, but I always had so much freelance work that it was hard to keep up. Most of my freelance work has dried up, so it seems like a great time to participate.

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