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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Cataloging tutorial

I think I may have posted this before but if not, here it is.
A cataloging tutorial

In order to view the interactive features, LiveWeb must be installed and you must have an internet connection.


Click here to download the add-in. Save the file (lwsetup.exe) to your computer (saving it to the desktop makes it easy to locate). Doubleclick on the saved file, lwsetup.exe, to begin the installation. If you receive any security warnings during loading this add-in, not to worry (it's been approved for use)!

Topics covered within the tutorial:

1: Basics: Terminology, concepts in cataloging
2: LC call numbers : Introdution to LC call numbers, includes LC call numbers interactive quiz; locations in the UGA Libraries
3: Data organization & MARC: Overview of data organization, MARC, and introduction to GIL record structure includes MARC quiz, tutorials, and a movie
4: GIL search : GIL searching tips, exercises, and demos
5: GIL records : Types of records (bib, holding, item); Hierarchy; includes a demo
6: Editing in GIL : brief overview of editing in GIL, includes demos
7: Tools : Investigative tools including WorldCat (interactive tutorials) and GALIN; secrets of the catalog
8: Review: Links to demos, exercises, and interactive tutorials
Resources: Glossary, Links

MARC Cheatsheet (word document format)
A-Z Cataloging Terminology (word document format)

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