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Monday, August 24, 2009

Facebook and Friendfinder -- what you need to know

Interesting post about how facebook uses your email address to connect you to people through friendfinder

Delete your info here

...which all just goes to show, we all need to stay on top of what information we put out there. I don't use friendfinder, but apparently my email address was harvested from a couple of mailing lists by people who DO use friendfinder via facebook.

...and don't friend me on facebook, if we are not in the same professional circles -- especially, if we've never met or had a conversation (either f2f or online) because I won't friend you back unless you WRITE A REALLY REALLY GOOD MESSAGE EXPLAINING WHY YOU ARE APPROACHING PEOPLE ONLINE THAT YOU DO NOT KNOW.... AND EVEN THEN, PROBABLY NOT. GOT IT?

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