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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

5 Years of Firefox (and the web)

Very interesting (and short) review of the last 5 years for Firefox and web in general....

“All of our servers melted instantly,” Vukićević says. “We spent an hour trying to get the downloads back up.”
(on the day Firefox launched)

....and looking to the future:
"“We always ask, ‘What is it that people on the open web can’t do right now? What’s pushing them towards things like Adobe AIR and Silverlight, or other technologies that are single-vendor silos?”

When a developer loses the ability to view a web page’s source code (something you can’t easily do in Flash) they can’t see how web applications and complex interactions function. And, he says, that stymies further experimentation.

“The web is going to be an awesome place to innovate in five years, because we’re going to chase down every awesome development in the proprietary world and make sure it happens on the open web as well. If we fail, then we’ll end up in a place that’s less recognizable than the web today, a web filled with a bunch of internet-delivered Flash executables.”

Read the Wired article here

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