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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Social media etiquette

I'm tweaking my facebook, privacy & identity workshop, so I tidied these up. You can read all of my previous writings about privacy, here, facebook ones are a here, and here are the commandments... LOL

Social media/ Facebook Etiquette

· Be aware of what you can control and what you can’t. Make sure to read TOS and Privacy statements – they do sometimes change. Don’t be caught by surprise.

· Use preferences and settings wisely to control and manage your social network. Consider what you want to keep private and what you want to share.

· Pages (a website) and Groups (discussion forums) provide alternatives to having a personal profile.

· Develop your own social media policy and use your social media appropriately. Are you using it for PR? genealogy? To keep up with family? Network professionally? A combination?

· Do not spam, spy, cyberstalk, or bully. If you are a victim of those behaviors, deal with them appropriately. Report inappropriate behavior.

· Consider carefully who you friend. Be very careful about friending staff that you supervise, students, or children that you may know.

· Consider your language and appropriateness of content. Does it match your audience and your social media policy?

· Consider if facebook (or any social media) is the best choice for the activity. If you want to create an open event, facebook may be a good choice. It may not be the best way to archive links or discussions.

· Remember: social media is about sharing (sometimes called microsharing). Accept that your social network may not have the same political or religious beliefs as you, and they, are well, human.

· …finally, if it’s on the web – it’s published. It may be private, but it is archived somewhere.


Dr. P said...

How about something like "Don't post things to social networks that would normally get you in trouble if said in other forums" a la the tweeted bomb threat the other day.

robin said...

I didn't hear about that twitter post. It is amazing the kind of info that comes through both twitter and fb. I definitely know more about local news through those venues, albeit always with a grain of salt.