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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Getting through organizational layers to get social media started

How do you get through multiple layers (organizational levels) to get social media started?
  • Personnel policy -- clearly let staff know what they can do and can't
  • Address security issues upfront (IT related)
  • Talk about the value of social media
  • Talk about productivity impact
  • Look to peer organizations -- i.e., positive peer pressure
  • Leadership from top -- leadership should support and model appropriate social media use
  • Archiving -- if your content falls under open records make sure to consider archiving of social media if your content is not already posted elsewhere on an archived site (e.g., your domain)
  • Just get started -- somehow
  • Start small! Pilot projects
  • Education/training -- help staff learn how to use social media and education yourself on issues in sm
  • Staff time/job priority -- if no dedicated sm participants then make it part of staff responsibilities
  • Cultivate resistors; make team players
  • Form organizational task form with resotors and all levels
These are the ideas my group up from to address the issue of getting buyin.

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