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Monday, July 19, 2010

PhD me -- PhD ideas

So, if I were going to do a PhD program and I didn't want to travel too much, it would need to be either local or nonresident program (or online, weekend classes, evenings, etc.) what are my choices?

I am interested in social media, emerging technologies (such as semantic web, use of mobile as central platform), and how people use technology. Although I am interested in libraries, I don't want to limit myself to libraries.

End result would be to move in a different (or perhaps, somewhat parallel) career path, or even teach in higher ed on those topics. Thoughts?
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I've thought about doing a PhD for a while, but maybe it is about time.


Dr. P said...

To start looking, you might check out the Web Science research program at Georgia Tech -

robin said...

Thanks Dr. P, sounds very interesting!

robin said...

btw, looking over their offerings, and human-centered computing sounds very interesting.