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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Emerging Technologies Group thoughts

So, here are the kinds of things were are talking about and exploring in the Emerging Technologies Group for the Libraries. We now have a newly formed Social Media Group in addition to the Home Page Redesign Group and the Mobile Development Group, so the EMT Group is more of a thinktank group. We assist the other groups and try to look to trends in libraries (at least, that is our working premise).

Thoughts on focus for upcoming year: Mobile, Social Media

* How does Social Media mesh with our homepage? Should it?
* Dynamic vs. static pages? Our current site is more static than dynamic, what are our feelings on that?
* Should/Could we incorporate more of the SM into our home page, like we do on the blog?
* Youtube: A cohesive presence and how to present our multimedia. We have the multimedia and subscribe pages, now what?
* Mobile

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