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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Life 2.0, Communication, time, and social media

Interesting thoughts on the changes and impacts of communication in a social media world:

Human Math
* If I talk to 100 people on twitter for 6 minutes each, that’s 10 hours.
* If I respond personally to 120 of the 600 or so emails and contacts I get a day, that’s 2 hours.
* If I call 10 people for six minutes each to “catch up,” that’s another hour.

100 small Twitter conversations
120 emails.
10 phone calls.

13 hours.
That’s not work. That’s not necessarily business (though touch and networking aids business). That’s just contact.
13 hours a day on just that.
And that’s just 100 or so people. That’s not the 146,000 Twitter followers, the 58,000 RSS subscribers, the 11,000 LinkedIn connections, the 4550 Facebook friends, that I have right now.

very interesting thoughts on social media and communication.
heh, the reality of life these days...
Although considering I have job(s), I can't really afford that time. So, telephone is out for the most part -- it is a huge time waster for me. I don't know how many emails I get everyday (thousands) but I only need to respond to mmm... 100? some days closer to 200... Good thing I type fast. ;-) I do wish more of my listservs would move to a RSS because I can skim via google reader alot quicker than I can read through email. No wonder I'm tired....

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