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Monday, August 9, 2010

netbook tablet convertibles, aka netvertibles, hybrids, etc.

Okay, these both look waaaaaayy more useful than the ipad (which is very pretty, and if someone would like to send one, or for that matter, all of these, I will be glad to give a very honest review. )

So far, the Asus is very netbook-y (less than 9 inches for the small version) but Acer is a little larger but more powerful.
Did I hear a whoa, from you PC users? ;-D

Many more of these coming out on the market (sooner rather than later, I hope, because I desperately need a smaller laptop) .
Of course, then considering my first laptop was 11 inches in screen size, it does seem like we are going back around doesn't it?

You can always donate to my cause, if you'd like.

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