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Friday, August 20, 2010

on storytelling... no. 1

a few thoughts....
Two of the most interesting conversations today* stemmed from a discussion of storytelling as used in magic and also in journalism (not related topics, at least for the purposes of this discussion). I've been trying to think of how to group these together in my mind as in each case the story is used for something beyond the story (in the former to mentally prepare the audience and to conceal the trick; the latter to communicate information). Some would no doubt argue that all stories have an impact beyond the actual story, but I think that is probably up to each storyteller and each audience member.

Other discussions today focused on some topics we will explore in the future including the difference between lying, storytelling, and truth (truthiness, in Stephen Colbert terms); elements of storytelling; being a good storyteller; using storytelling in academia (teaching/training/lecturing) and some basic housekeeping/committee work.

This *Faculty Learning Community on Storytelling is bound to be a lot of fun and I hope will enable to be a better lecturer, trainer, teacher and presenter.

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