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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Managing API Security in SaaS and Cloud (webinar)

Managing API Security in SaaS and Cloud

February 23, 2011

9:00AM PST | 12:00PM EST | 5:00PM GMT

Presented by Layer 7 Technologies and the Cloud Security Alliance

Opening SaaS applications and cloud services to outside developers is becoming critical to achieve cloud-enterprise integrations, information sharing across affiliate Web sites and enabling mobile / tablet access to data. Controlling how API's get securely exposed to different consumers requires a simple, scalable way to manage API security, address versioning and meter consumption without burdening either application developers or application consumers.

In this Webinar presented by Layer 7 CTO Scott Morrison & eBay Chief Security Strategist Liam Lynch you will learn:

* about the security challenges posed by SOAP, REST and Odata APIs
* approaches to addressing data and access security
* ways to leveraging existing security investments
* methods for getting outside developers enrolled onto your APIs
* examples from the real world of how cloud providers use and secure APIs

Presented by:
Scott Morrison
CTO, Layer 7 Technologies, Inc.
Liam Lynch
Chief Security Strategist, eBay

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