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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Kindle 3G vs. Nook Color vs. Nook BW

So, I had to put together a matrix for ebook shopping for the Gadget Group in the Libraries. I tried to do a straightforward comparison, but as with all technology, that's not always easy. I love my Kindle, but Nook Color looks like it might be a great ereader/tablet platform (Android based) for under 300$. It certainly is lighter than my netbook/tablet hybrid (Dell Duo Tablet). I am disappointed that it doesn't seem to support Flash (at least without some hacking). I know that HTML5 will become the standard, but it is going to take a while to replace or convert all of the existing flash content, esp. movie clips. Oh well, at least my Dell Duo does all of that + ;-)
You can get the google doc here


FSkornia said...

Just a slight correction. The nook BW does not have a backlit eInk screen. What you probably mean is that the LCD navigation screen is backlit.

robin said...

Thanks! Yes, it seems that the Color has backlighting (makes sense) but the BW does not. It would be nicer if the B&N site clarified which features applied to which. I really had to dig around the 'net to find out what I could.
I'll note that in my document. ;-)