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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Social Media Policy & Best Practices

My social media policy:
Use appropriate social media tools to professionally connect and cultivate a community of interesting individuals while sharing my experience, knowledge, and creativity. I will not friend/follow network everyone for the sake of numbers.

Best practices
1. Participate
2. Be respectful and appropriate - remember your audience
3. Share but don't overshare - if your mom or boss shouldn't see it, reconsider!
4. Build a community and be part of it.
5. Stay aware of privacy and TOS; be aware of what you can control and what you can’t. Make sure to read TOS and Privacy statements – they do sometimes change. Don’t be caught by surprise and don't violate the privacy of others.
6. Use preferences and settings wisely to control and manage your social network.
7. Do not spam, spy, cyberstalk, bully or engage in illegal activities online. If you are a victim of those behaviors, deal with them appropriately. Report inappropriate behavior.
8.Consider carefully who you friend. Be very careful about friending staff that you supervise, students, or children that you may know.
9. Use the appropriate tool. You do not have to use them all, or even connect with each person in every space.
10. Accept that your social network may not have the same political or religious beliefs as you, and they, are well, human.
…finally, if it’s on the web – it’s published. It may be private, but it is archived somewhere.


Hans Smellinckx said...

don't forget mentions about confidential figures. Also anything strategical people can't blog about?


robin said...

Yes, I hadn't thought to add that specifically but there are some things I do which fall into confidentiality (HR paperwork for one). I wouldn't write about that for sure (falls under > share but don't overshare)
Hmm. what can't people blog about? I think it depends on the scope of your blog. As long as it's legal, you're okay with it, your audience is, too AND it fits in with your blog scope, I don't see much of a limit.