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Saturday, April 2, 2011

10Weeks to a 2.0 You Social Media Training

I'm teaching blogging (we'll do some widgets and advanced blogger customizations!), digital identity, and image editing in the cloud!

You must be a UGA member to participate; however, we hope to capture these and offer them online for free.

UGA's Training and Development is  offering a special 10-week training opportunity sponsored by the UGA Libraries on Social Media and its use in our work environment.  The training is free and open to anyone, but you must submit an application to register.

A brief summary is below. For more details on the classes see
Classes begin next week!

"Web 2.0 10 Weeks to a 2.0 You: Social Media & Web 2.0 Skills"
This hands-on course will demonstrate and teach how social media and web-based tools can be used creatively and effectively in a work environment. Each week will focus on a different topic, including Google Documents, blogging, tweeting, RSS feeds, wikis, LinkedIn, and photo/movie editing and publishing. Hands-on out-of-class assignments will reinforce concepts taught during class. Attendance of all 10 classes and completion of assignments will earn you a course completion certificate at the end of the series.
Time allotted for each class is 90 minutes. Basic familiarity with computers and the internet are required.

Choose one of the identical groups:
Group One – Meets every Tuesday 2pm @ Training and Development OR
Group Two – Meets every Friday 10am @ Training and Development
To register for ONE of these groups (space is limited) You must submit an application.

For questions and concerns please respond to
Training and Development
Web 2.0 training information


Cegonsoft said...

Can you give clear idea about "Social media training"?.....You are mentioned 10 weeks training for "2.0", May i know? its an week end class or regular class?


robin said...

It's a 2 hour class during the day. I am also working on a weekly night class that will cover much of the same topics.