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Friday, June 10, 2011

Leaving library & information science? Already left?

Another library user wistfully mentions to you "how nice it must be to read books all day!"
-       You've just left another meeting about a meeting and no positive impact has been made on the community you serve,        or
-       Hey, you're just ready to try something new!

Library and Information Science (LIS) has always been concerned with recruiting efforts, especially when it comes to minority representation. Unfortunately, less focus has been on retaining qualified candidates once they choose to pursue and practice LIS.  Now, with concerns about the graying of and rapidly changing nature of the profession, bringing in and keeping qualified and energetic people (regardless of their ethnic background) to work in American libraries has become paramount.

I'd like invite you - a special, public, or academic librarian who is contemplating leaving the LIS field (or perhaps you've already left) - to participate in an online survey that explores:

1.      Librarians' career choices and their expectations about working as a librarian;
2.      What factors impact librarians' decisions to prematurely leave LIS careers, and by proxy;
3.      What can be done to enhance LIS retention efforts and increase longevity and job satisfaction in LIS careers.

Please visit to learn more about and participate in the study. Your participation and interest is very important and is appreciated!

Kaetrena Davis Kendrick, MSLS
Principal Investigator

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Kaetrena Davis Kendrick said...

Thank you for posting this! I appreciate it!