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Saturday, October 8, 2011

the great unfriend-a-thon

An open letter to my friends on facebook:
I hope we can be adults about this but just like a garden, my Facebook network  is in need of a little maintenance. I need to weed out the folks who aren't using Facebook anymore. It's also apparent that Facebook is not the most efficient place to network professionally with some of you - perhaps, you could be transplanted  over to linkedin ( or Google+ (georgiawebgurl) or my page  (http:/ as I revamp that to include more technology stuff.

Statistics have shown that at MOST 150 people is about the limit to which we can have a meaningful network - I'm well over that. I don't want my Facebook account to turn into Twitter, either (tho you can network with me there,, too, just make sure to DM or @ me to give me a little nudge), and while I know I can use lists to whittle down my news feed - what's the point? If I don't want to network/communicate/share with you on Facebook, then why would you I keep you in my network (and conversely on your side?) And if it's all one sided (all me) then again, what's the point?

So, for some of you this will be the last status update you see from me. If I unfriend you, it truly doesn't mean that I don't respect you or like you IRL. It just means that Facebook is not working for us. That's all -- and if your feelings are hurt, I am really sorry about that.

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