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Friday, June 15, 2012

Semantic web, linked data & metadata proposals for GLA

I thought you might like to see what I'm pitching for GLA/COMO this year. If either of these do not make the program, I will shop them around elsewhere:

Proposal 1 (Solo):
Metadata makes the world go round: an introduction to metadata
Did you know metadata is everywhere? Did you know that you are a metadata creator? This fun & dynamic intro to metadata explores how data drives the web, devices (mp3 players, etc), library catalogs & more and how we create and edit that metadata. 

Participants will:
*Gain a basic understanding of core types of metadata as used in libraries and on the web
*How library metadata fits into the larger web
*Explore uses of metadata from social media sites like Flickr to desktop applications like Microsoft Office documents to search engines (SEO - search engine optimization)

[I'll focus alot on the concept that metadata is everywhere and drives everything from devices (like mp3 players) to web tools like Flickr.]

Making the digital connection: linkeddata & libraries (w/ 2 colleagues)
Linked data and libraries are hot topics, not only for staff in archives, institutional repositories, and digital/web initiatives, but also for catalogers, with FRBR and RDA hovering on the horizon. In this session, [ ] will introduce linked data, explore some linked data library related projects and resources, and discuss how linked data and open data fits in with the Semantic Web.

Participants will:
*Gain a basic understanding of linked data
*Discover new library projects
*Gain a better understanding of how linked data will drive our future systems and how it fits into the future of the web -- the semantic web

Wish me luck. I think these will be alot of fun. I've done some version of the metadata one several times with good response. I haven't presented with my 2 rockstar colleagues before, so definitely will be shall I say.... AWESOME?!?!?

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