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Sunday, September 30, 2012

Semantic web, linked data - libraries in Georgia

Laura, Doug & I will be discussing linked data, semantic web and library projects (including what Emory is up to) at COMO on Thursday. I will also be doing a more general metadata session on Thursday morning.
In addition to all of that Doug and Laura have started GLAMLOD as a discussion group for linked data, semantic web, and metadata topics -- not necessarily limited to the state of Georgia.

Information about the discussion group is below:

Calling to your attention, a new interest group and a Google Group discussion list created by Laura Akerman and Doug Goans from Georgia Tech, to act as a mailing list, targeted to people from Georgia cultural heritage institutions who are interested in or involved with implementing linked data technology, publishing linked open data or using it.    You can find the group here:

If you're interested, we encourage you to visit the group site and request an invitation to join.  A fuller description of the group and some details about joining follow.

Georgia Libraries Archives and Museums Linked Open Data (GLAMLOD) is limited to members in the state of Georgia in order focus on the use and implementation of Linked Open Data for cultural heritage organizations in the state. GLAMLOD supports the LOD learning community in Georgia and acts as a resource for those actively wanting to use and implement Linked Open Data (LOD). GLAMLOD will also be an information hub for LOD members to initiate discussions, collaborations, meetups, workshops, guest speakers, or other activities.

The group aims to move beyond abstract discussion to focus on actions and results related to LOD and our institutions. Some possible topics to start the discussion include:

* Industry and Professional use and adoption of LOD (Google, Facebook, OCLC)

* Georgia institutional use and adoption of LOD (what activities are happening, what roadblocks exist and what can be done to accommodate LOD)

* Develop learning groups and links to resources for current and future members to understand LOD at both a conceptual and technical level.

The Google Groups site has been set up so that people must request an invitation to join; this is to try to keep out spam.  Please indicate your institution and interest in Linked Data when you join; we'll approve your request.  If you've not used Google Groups before, you may need to verify your email address, but a gmail or other Google account should not be required.

The first message is moderated, but after that, the list will be open to anyone to post messages, from either the web interface or by sending email from the address you signed up with.  You can change email address or remove yourself from the group through the group web site.

If you have any problems joining the group, you can email Laura (liblna -at- emory -dot- edu) or Doug (doug.goans -at- library -dot- ) for help.


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