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Thursday, November 29, 2012

Survey on digital literacy, social media, ereaders, & more

I  realize this survey is for public libraries, but I know a few of you ;-) Please consider taking the survey. 

“More frequently, public libraries and community organizations are becoming the go-to place for digital literacy education. Users come searching for help to understand and use computer programs, printers and other hardware, the Internet (web browsing, e-mail, social media), digital media (cameras, e-readers, music players) and more.

The Public Library Association (PLA) recently received a grant from the Institute of Museum and Library Services to build an online Digital Learning Center. This site will hold self-directed trainings for end-users to increase their digital literacy and will be a place for digital literacy trainers to share tools and best practices. Please help us with this important work by completing the survey below. The survey will be open until December 15, 2012.”

For more information on the project:

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